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When it comes to digital cameras, figuring out which camera to buy is an absolutely torture session, particularly if you don't have a clear favorite brand.

So, we have ventured to find the 5 best mid to high-priced digital cameras. Our choices are based on several factors, including reviews, specs, and prices.

We will begin with the number 5 on our list of best digital cameras for 2021.

This is the Pentax K1 ... a beautiful camera that is expensive, but not prohibitively so...

You can click on the image or HERE to see this camera on Walmart.

While this Pentax camera is mid-priced, it is fully loaded and has every imaginable quality that a photographer would need or want.

Our number 4 choice for 2021 is the Nikon D5... and what great camera list would be without a Nikon?

You can click on the image or HERE to see this beauty WITH the lens kit at Walmart.

This is a different design.. making this digital camera easy to hold in all different positions, but it's really what's inside that makes this camera the number 4.

While this is an expensive camera... there is a reason for this, and the fact that this is one of the most highly rated cameras on both Walmart and Amazon, hands down, belies this.

Our number 3 best digital cameras for 2021 is a Canon Eos R5, which most definitely deserves to be on this list for all of the specs that come built in to this excellent camera.

You can click on the image or HERE to see our Number 3 pick at Walmart.

This version of the Canon is perfectly suited for both beginners and serious professionals, and at this price point, which is very high compared to the other cameras on our list, shows how serious the specs are on this beauty.

The number 2 best choice in camera for 2021 is also a Canon... in fact, the number 3 and 2 are very close to each other... same brand, almost the same specs....this one is just slightly better!

You can check it out at Walmart by clicking either on the image or HERE.

This is a wonderful camera and the price is wonderful too, as it is about half the price of the R5!

And our number 1 for this Top 5 for 2021 is a Sony that is again half the price of the Canon R6!

But, this camera has such a high rating that it met our number 1 criteria for the Number 1 choice for 2021 in digital cameras.

Click on the image or HERE to see this beauty on Walmart (It is 5 stars on both Walmart and Amazon.

This particular image doesn't show a lens... but there are full kits available... so don't despair. Alternatively, you can buy your own individual lens or lenses to get the exact specs that you want and need.